Welcome and Staff

We’re so glad you came to visit our parish site! St. Laurence Parish isn’t just a building; it’s a group of people from diverse backgrounds who have connected to make up our church family. Growing together in our relationship with the Lord, we have devoted ourselves to let God transform us and through us to the community we serve. We invite you to stop by and visit our wonderful community.

Our Mission
St. Laurence is a diverse parish community. We welcome everyone to worship with us. Our goal is to model our lives after Jesus. In word and deed, we pledge to share the love of Christ with others. We also pledge to volunteer our time and talents to help our parish grow spiritually and physically. Through prayer, trust in The Lord and grace from above, we strive to accomplish this goal. May God bless us as we continue to work together in his vineyard . We welcome all new comers to our parish. Always feel free to join us in our liturgies and programs. Please come to the rectory office and register as a Parishoner so we can share more fully with you about our parish life.

Parish Staff
Very Reverend. Edward R.P. Kane,V.F., Administrator

Mr. Jean Rameau, Deacon

Ms. Cindy Balliram, Parish Secretary
Mrs. Paloma Medina-Moreno, Parish Secretary (Spanish)

Mrs. Lori Ramos-Johnson, Director of Religious Studies

Mr. German Medina, Youth Minister
Ms. Haidee Clarke, Director of Music

Mrs. Arelene Barcia, Principal, Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy